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Today’s post is a yoga pose collage to start or end the day practicing.


Take a walk with a friend 

What a great day to walk, talk, and smile #YogaMamas.  Thanks Caitlin & Robert (Bo) for another reason to be grateful ❤️ 

I remember when my boys were babies I felt lonely sometimes.  It is important to call a friend and have some adult interaction.  ~Leah

For our YogaMamas


Pose suggestion Article for the new yogamamas out there

I also suggest a restorative pose, like legs up the wall or reclining bound angle pose 🙂

IG Repost

It’s a good page to follow 


Introducing Childbirth Edication classes at BNFYoga

Our first Childbirth Education Class will be offered Saturday, August 22nd at 12noon.  I hope you can join us.  Feel free to tell a friend 😃  


Morning Flow with BNFYogaMamas

You are Warrior Mamas!


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