Welcoming Finn!

Congratulations Kristen & Family on the birth of your first Baby :-)

Finn Trieger GaNun
Jan 21,2015
9lb 3oz 21 & 3/4 in


Special Prenatal Yoga Partner Workshop for Valentines Day

Hi Yoga Mama Community!
I am so excited to announce this upcoming workshop.  Does anyone have a couple pregnancy pic, I can use for our website listing?
I sure hope you can join us.
Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop with Leah Hartofelis Looking for a way to celebrate Love & Life this Valentine’s Day? Invite your Valentine to join you in experiencing a special prenatal Yoga class meant for Three (Mom, Dad, & Baby).
You and your partner will learn how to communicate and support one another along this amazing journey together. This workshop is designed for the parents-to-be to connect with one another and their baby through the practice yoga. Learn partner breathing techniques, yoga postures, relaxation & meditation practices, and communication exercises that will be useful during pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.
Sunday, February 15th @1:30-3pm $35 Early Registration by 2/8/15, $40 day of.
Space is Limited, Registration is Required.

Congratulations Vita & Family ❤️

Thank You Vita for sharing the news of your 2nd daughter. “ITS A GIRL! Emma Paige Snipp. 8lbs 7oz. 2 pushes and out at 1137″


Birth Announcement

I received a message from our YogaMama Chastity announcing the birth of her baby  :-)

Hi Leah,

Hope all is well. I had my little burrito on November 5, 2014 @ 3:51pm via csection. Aaryan Sandilya, he weighed in 7lbs 14oz and 20″ long. Mommy and baby are doing well. Being a mom is just an awesome feeling and just looking at him makes me have purpose. Everything he is wearing mommy made. Crocheting was so relaxing while I was pregnant.

Look at this little angel.

Aaryan Sandilya

Aaryan Sandilya

Prenatal Massage

Hello YogaMama Community,
I asked my personal Massage Therapist & dear Friend Jenn Sommermann to share with us the benefits of Massage during Pregnancy. I hope you enjoy and make time to experience her healing hands :-) ~Leah

Top 10 Reasons to Receive Massage During Pregnancy
1. This time is reserved for just you.
2. Physical pain can be relieved (low back pain, leg pain, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel syndrome plus many more) with massage.
3. Your body will be fully supported in a side lying position, with soft pillows surrounding you to make you more comfortable.
4. Studies show that hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are significantly altered, leading to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health.
5. These hormone levels also can lead to fewer complications during birth and fewer newborn complications, such as low birth weight, improving overall labor outcomes.
6. Massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety.
7. Massage helps stimulate soft tissue to reduce overall swelling, especially around joints.
8. Studies show massage during pregnancy can decrease symptoms of depression.
9. The evidence points strongly to maternal and newborn health benefits when therapeutic massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care.
10. Why not?

Jenn Sommermann, LCMT has been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years and enjoys working with pregnancy clients. She can be reached by email at jennsommermann@gmail.com or by phone at 516.633.9464. Please contact her with any questions you have regarding a session or to schedule an appointment. Her office is located in the Freeport Recreation Center and membership at the Center is not required to see Jenn.

How To Create a Chemical Free Home

Come join us at Breathe N Flow Yoga today at 4pm for a FREE informative workshop on How to Create a Chemical Free Home.

chemical free home

Best of Long Island in Health & Wellness

Hi BNFYogaMamas,
I wanted to say thank you for the nomination and continued support our Yoga Community has given our Yoga Studio. Recently we received word that we have been nominated for Best of Long Island in Yoga under the category of Health & Wellness.
Please show your support by voted daily now thru Dec. 15th. You can vote once per day per IP address.
Thank you

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